Summer term 2024

In the summer term 2024, I will teach "International Development" at Kiel University.

This course uses economic theory and empirical evidence to explore the most important aspects of international development. Why do some countries grow rich, while others remain poor? In this course, we will take a global perspective and analyze development issues focusing on their international dimension. Thus, a central theme will be the availability and returns to factors of production such as labor, capital, and knowledge.

In terms of methods, our focus will be on how different research questions can be approached using modern econometric techniques. How can causal effects be identified and how can credible empirical results be distinguished from less reliable evidence.

Elective for Master's students in economics and related degrees

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Fall 2024/2025

I will offer the seminar "Globalization in Developing Countries" that accompanies the lecture on "International Development". 

Master/Bachelor theses

If you are interested in writing your Master's thesis with me, please take a look at my research and lecture material to get an understanding of which topics I would be most willing to supervise. A Master's thesis I supervise has to be empirical and apply causal estimation techniques or other approaches I teach and work with. I also encourage Bachelor students to consider conducting an empirical study for their theses (less ambitious than for Master's students, obviously). 

If you have a broad idea of the topic, please do some initial research on the literature and try to gain some understanding of what empirical approach and data sources might be relevant. Then, you will be in a good position to have an initial meeting about supervising. Please then email me briefly describing your idea and I will give you feedback on whether it is suitable/doable and how it might be tailored to become more feasible. If you are currently enrolled in one of my courses, you can, of course, always approach me before or after the lecture.